Sunday, October 10, 2010

Over dose.


Not exactly the word I should use to describe my absence from this blog.


A more applicable word, however it's not quite right.


Ah, that's it. The perfect word to describe my absence indeed.

When you have too many thoughts, when your brain is pulled in different directions, it's hard to focus on just one thing. Especially when while you're trying to think of that one thing, you're currently doing another. This applies to my relationship with Z as of late.

Let me explain...

We do not live together. In fact we live about 30 miles from one another, sometimes this is a serious inconvenience but usually it's a blessing. We see each other once, twice, occasionally three times in a week, however nothing more. This absence creates a longing, a deep desire to be close to each other. This desire boils over to a need.

Lately, this "need" is all we have been satisfying. Every time we see each other, I feel as if it's been years. Every time we kiss, I feel as if it's our first and last kiss we will share. Every time I'm inside of her,  I feel as if life couldn't get any better.

I could tell her about the countless times I have bent her over, shoving her head into the floor, the table, the bed. I could talk about the gallons of cum she has eagerly downed. I could talk about the time on the couch, in her room, in the car, on the roof. I could even describe her amazing nipples, her breasts as they shake up and down as my cock slams into her.

However, I plan to tell you what she is to me. Not just my toy, my friend, my muse.

She is a drug. A drug. A drug I need. Her pussy calls my name. Her pussy opens for me. Her pussy knows I need her.

I'm surprised I haven't over dosed yet.

How could I though? I love her more than I love myself. I'm easy to sacrifice.

Maybe I over dosed a long time ago.

Was it when we met? Was it when we kissed? Was it when we broke things off? Was it when we were with each other for the first time?

Or is it every time? Every time I see her? I think so.

After three years, at 20 years old, my love only grows for this girl. This amazing, beautiful, quirky, hilarious, sexual girl.

My girl. Yes. My lovely girl.

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