Saturday, September 4, 2010

Gasping for breath

He makes me gasp for breath...

When he presses his lips hard against mine, his tongue pushing its way into my mouth.

When his hand rests on my ass, sliding up under my dress.

When his pushes me up against the wall, his hand closing in around my throat, choking me.

When he rips my top down, my breasts bouncing slightly from the force, and he takes one in his mouth.

When he spins me around so my chest is against the wall, my ass sticking out for his enjoyment.

When he slides down to his knees, kissing and biting at my ass, moaning softly.

When he tells me, "Don't move," and I stay as still as I can, back arched, while he snaps a photo of me.

When his fingers slip between my legs, barely grazing the fabric covering my pussy, feeling my wetness seeping through.

When he spins me back around once more, spreading my legs as I stand, pulling my underwear to the side.

When he stares so adoringly at my pussy, with this look of longing.

When I feel his breath on my flesh, as he leans in closer, his eyes never leaving mine.

When his tongue finally makes contact, sliding down over my clit, spreading my pussy lips, lapping up my juices.

When he picks me up and carries me over to the bed, laying me down, legs spread.

When he drops back down to his knees, burying his face in my pussy, devouring me.

When he dangles his cock in my face, teasing me, showing me what I could have.

When he shoves it down my throat, fucking my face, choking me with his cock.

When he finally climbs on top of me and rams his cock into me, pounding me over and over again.

When I come, his body slamming against me, my fingers playing with my clit, and I scream.

When his cum pumps into my hungry mouth, and I can hear him moaning, his fingers laced through my hair.

Such a panic-associated feeling, gasping for breath, has never been so welcome...

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