Tuesday, April 2, 2013

My nipples are still wet from his mouth.

I can feel my pussy pulsing, like it has a heartbeat of its own, and I can feel his cum dripping down my body.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I'm sick.

He warned me.  He told me not to get too close.  He said he intended to "limit the bodily fluids we exchange," to keep me from catching his cold.  My mouth fell agape.  "Do you mean to tell me I get no birthday sex?"  He meant well and was only trying to protect me, but I was not happy.  Half-kidding, I suggested that sex might be okay if we just didn't kiss.  He started laughing, then leaned in to my ear and whispered, "But you're gonna want to down my cum, aren't you?"  I was breathless, and nodded.  I could feel my pussy get wet.

I sat across from him at dinner Googling whether or not you can catch a cold by swallowing the cum of someone who has one.  It was hilarious.  I couldn't find any experts reporting on the matter, but the general consensus seems to be that viruses cannot be spread that way.  I think I knew very well that my searching was useless, though—I don't know how I could have sex with him without kissing him.

Those first kisses happened gingerly.  They were soft pecks, and I was thinking to myself, "Oh, maybe if they're really light kisses I won't get sick.  This should be a fine kiss.  This is a good, light kiss."  And then mouths opened, and our tongues touched, and I gave in.  And it seemed he did, too.  He gave in to not being the gentleman, and forwent the effort to save me from him.

There are a lot of disjointed memories I have about the sex.  There was a lot of it, and there was a lot of stopping and starting, a lot of teasing, and so I've lost track of the exact order of things.  I remember bending over in front of him to reach for something, and feeling his hand press against my pussy through my jeans.  I remember him pulling my pants down around me knees, and I was so sure that he was going to penetrate me then and there.

He leaned down and kissed my ass.  He told me that he wasn't going to mark my ass tonight—that it was too beautiful.  He leaned in further and licked my pussy.  It was irresistible.  I bent over further, sticking my backside out to him, hoping this would progress quickly.  He licked my pussy and asshole for a little while, stood up, and I just knew that he was going to pull out his cock and stick it into me.  Instead, he said, "I'm not putting anything in your pussy.  I'm going to wait until later so I can lick the cream out of you and share it with you."  He pulled up my pants, very high, intentionally pulling my underwear up between my pussy lips.

Later, on my bed, making out with all our clothes on, I remember telling him, "I'm sure there's some cream for you right now."

Later still, after many orgasms, I was bent over at my closet door.  At this point, we actually had guests in the other room, and we couldn't close the door to my room or they'd know what was going on.  Door fully open, us just barely around the corner and out of sight, I braced myself with my closet rod as he slid into me over and over again...  We were practically holding our breath, silent as we could be, our fucking reflected in the full-length mirror on my wall.  As I shuddered with another orgasm, my pussy clenching around his cock, I was so aware that it was definitely worth it.

Now, with my sore throat, runny nose, congestion and achiness fully set in, that memory of being bent over by my closet keeps me happy.  Silently screaming as I came all over his cock.

I say many things are "the best feeling."  Him licking my pussy is the best feeling.  Cuddling with him, all naked, and sweet, and warm, is the best feeling.  But coming on his cock... that is the best feeling.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Opening Presents

Only two posts since last Christmas. That really is shameful.

Lots of sex has been had—exciting, dirty, playful, and loving sex. How have we not written about any of it?

Last night, S came over to my house around 9:30pm. He had just finished working an 8 ½ hour shift (yes, on Christmas) and had to be back the next morning, so it really was sweet that he came over. His home is a good 20-40 minute drive from mine.

We opened presents, which were all very thoughtful and personal. Those are the best kind of gifts. S sat around listening to music on his new headphones (from me), and we just kind of basked in the holiday glow of the evening. Soon it was midnight, and S had to leave the next morning at 8am for another day of work. He was exhausted, and announced that he was going to bed.  If I took too long, he would be asleep.

S removed  his clothes and climbed into my bed. I disappeared into the bathroom for a minute or two, and when I emerged, all of the lights were out. I crawled onto the bed next to him and asked him to turn on the soft light by my bedside. He resisted, trying to kiss me in the dark, but I pulled away.

“Please,” I urged him. “Turn on the light. You wouldn't open a present in the dark, would you?”

He sighed and turned on the light. I was sitting there in my sweater from that day—black with a big white bow printed on it, and buttons all down the front. I had joked all evening that I looked like a gift, all wrapped up, but I don't think he suspected there was such truth behind my statement. My pants were gone, and he could see my red thong with two tiny black bows, and black lace in the back, right above my ass.

He leaned in and kissed me, fumbling with the buttons on my sweater. As they came undone, I wondered at exactly what point he would notice what was beneath it. One bow now removed, he was presented with another. I was wearing a delicate red bra covered in red ruffles. It has black lace trim along the top of the cups, and it fastens in the front with black satin ribbon, tied into a nice bow.  A tug of one edge of that slippery ribbon, and my breasts would be exposed.

“See?” I asked, coyly. “I'm a present.”

He smirked and sat back to look at me. Without a word, he grabbed his phone, and I knew exactly what he was doing.  He snapped a picture of me sitting there, waiting for him to do with me as he pleased.

He put his phone down and squinted his eyes at me like he was trying to collect a memory. “Is this new?” he asked. “Yes,” I said, with a smile. He leaned over me and reached his arms beneath me, laying me down on my back as he went in for a deep kiss.

“God, you look good,” he said as he spun me around and pulled me until my head was hanging off the edge of the bed, chin pointed to the sky. He immediately slid his hard cock into my mouth. Without missing a beat, I angled my head just so, so he could easily fuck my throat, stroke after stroke. There's a tenderness in his roughness, and I love it.

He slid out of my mouth, and sat me up on the bed, so my back was to him. He climbed on the bed behind me and pushed me down so my chest was buried in the bed, my ass in the air. He pulled my underwear down just enough to gain access, but not enough to give me mobility. He leaned down and licked my pussy, but not enough to give me any great pleasure—just enough to make sure my entrance was wet enough for him to force his way in.

To be continued...

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

8 Months.

I have been an awful person.

It's been over 8 months since my last post.

While I could simply say that I've been busy, being the reason for my posting absence. However that isn't exactly the case.

Z and I have had a very...productive year so far. A year full of laughter, arguments, smiles and tears.

We hit our 4 year anniversary this summer. June 10th to be exact. We both forgot about it.

You know we've been together for so long, on and off, we've gotten used to not dealing with the normal conventions of a "relationship." Not that we specifically do not like playing by the set rules of one, but who says there are any rules to love. I think we can all agree on that.

We were just discussing today, how crazy it is that we're still together and still madly in love. We never intended on this. I nearly forced her into dating me and now she can't get enough. It's a nice feeling to know that...

We have had our downs, that's for sure, mostly brought on by pent up aggression in our lives or old issues that creep up. However our ups, our ups are so vibrantly amazing I can hardly put them into words.

Today, specifically, was an up day.

Z still lives a short distance from me, so for me to see her I would rather us spend an entire day together. In fact I canceled later plans today just so I could spend a bit more time with her. Though she doesn't know that and she doesn't need to.

I showed up at her house. She was wearing is beautiful denim summer dress. This inspired me and I decided I we would go for a picnic. Griffith Park is only a few miles away from her, so we grabbed some delicious food and went to the park.

While it's been unnaturally hot lately, today was perfect. 80 degrees with a light breeze. We sat eating our food, listening to the Rolling Stones, talking about everything and nothing.

I pulled her up onto my lap and we started to kiss.

Our lips locked as if it had been years and my large hands gripped her tiny delicate neck as I pulled her into my mouth.

I started stroking her pussy through the thin pink fabric of her underwear, she was instantly wet.

"I want you." She said.

I looked around and could only see open trails and families of children...there was no place for us.

But she was persistent and encouraged me to find a spot.

We walked down a shaded trail from the main park...passed a few people...we looked around...

Every place was exposed.

Until I saw it. What seemed like it was made for just this occasion, my eyes landed on a small tree off the side of the trail. It was perfect. A very small hole in the branches and leaves let Z and I slip in. It almost seemed shaped like a hut. No one could see in but we could see out.

The tree wrapped us in perfect protection so that I could turn Z around, hike up her dress, unzip my pants and force my throbbing cock into her juicy warm pussy.

We started slow but it didn't take long for our eagerness to get the better of us and I was plowing my dick into my rightfully claimed pussy. My beautiful little pussy that was made for me.

I had to constantly tell Z to be quiet as families and hikers passed our location, completely unaware that I was pumping into her.

Her arms rested on a thick branch until I made her come.




It was beautiful. It was the kind of thing you read about in sappy love novels, in terrible porn films and tales of Lord of The Rings. Fucking my woman in the forest.

It was glorious.

I had to bend down for the only two positions that seemed plausible, fucking her from behind and then while she was standing, facing me with one leg thrown over my shoulder. For moment I happily tongue fucked her asshole while waiting for another group of people to pass.

I couldn't believe it was happening.

After she came for the third time, so made it her mission, as always, to get my sweet come.

She had me lean against the thick branch and she began riding me, facing the other other direction.

I couldn't see her face, only the image her hair dancing up and down as she took control of my cock. I got closer and closer with every pump, the image of this petite little thing pleasing me with such enthusiasm. Her ass rippling as she slammed down on me...

I was in heaven.

She bounced and bounced and bounced until I came and she worked my cock as I shot my load of hot come into her mouth.

We stood up and both of us were sweating profusely.

I couldn't believe it just happened.

I zipped up my pants, Z slipped on her underwear and we walked back to my car at a very slow and staggered pace.

I'm so pleased with today. Today was a perfectly up day indeed.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas Present

While S was away, I sent him a package which, among other things, contained a pair of my underwear sprayed with my perfume.  He sent me this photo:

It made me ache.  I told him he looked like a present, all wrapped up with bows.  I asked him if that was my Christmas present.  He chuckled and said, "One of them."

He arrived home 2 days ago, just in time for the holidays.  I definitely opened one of my presents early.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A month of no sex and no S

Moving farther and farther away from being “a teenage couple.” S turns 21 very soon, and my 20th birthday will arrive early next year. What a strange feeling.

It's a very fortunate opportunity, though a little sad, that S's work will be taking him to another state for the next month. He'll be gone for his birthday. He leaves very soon and will be spending his last night in town with me.

Therein lies a great dilemma – he must depart at 5am in the morning. I should encourage him to get as much rest as possible before embarking on such a journey, but how can I resist tearing him to pieces all night long when it's my last chance before 4 weeks of no sex and no S?

I think my body knows I'll be deprived of him for a while. The past few days, the sex has been so amazing. He's always out-of-this-world, but my body responds differently at different times, and my body just can't seem to get enough. After a couple orgasms – even after the first – it tends to get progressively harder to work each one out of me. Since the start of the weekend, however, each orgasm is so explosive but never seems to be enough. Each time I come, I feel like it's pouring out of me, and my brain and the world feel like they're on pause for a moment, and my head is so clear... and then I'm consumed again, and all I can think about is how soon I'm going to come.

My pussy can't seem to get enough of S. I usually take a little working up for him to enter me comfortably – but I swear, no matter what's going on lately, he can bend me over and I'm already slick for his sweet cock to ram into me. I've been surprising myself.

Upside of all this: I expect to receive lots of delicious naked/nearly-naked pictures over the next few weeks, so hopefully I'll be sharing a few here...

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Brief recap of the last two days.

Do you ever come so hard that you start writhing uncontrollably and your body literally expels his cock from your pussy, but you keep coming, and then he slides back into you, and you keep riding that wave at its peak as he starts fucking you again?

Yeah.  That's all.