Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Without Words.

I push the doorbell.

I hear a faint ring coming from inside, followed by the sharp steps of heels hitting the wooden floor of her apartment.

This sound makes me question myself, "We weren't planning to do anything, were we?"

The door unlocks and she stands there in front of me.

I start at her feet, sure enough, she's wearing black heels. The black heels she typically wears to formal events. My gaze lifts, I notice the black stockings and my eagerness starts to set in. I look higher to find only a tight gray shirt with lace under the neck line. Nothing else.

Not a skirt, nor a dress, not even underwear. Only her perfect little pussy, waiting to be pleased.

I walk in, take her body in my arms and immediately kiss her. Our tongues starting to dance as one hand grips the back of her head and the other tightens on her bare ass.

Without a word I lead her into the dining room and bend her over the table, sweeping her paperwork aside. I push her down on the cold hard wood as I slip into her warm soft pussy. She lets out a moan and gasps for air. Her pussy wasn't ready for my cock just yet, it's tight walls squeezed against my hard shaft as I forced myself into her. I slowly gain speed and force as I slip in and out. My balls slapping against her clit. Even in her heels I notice that she manages to stand on her tip-toes. She lets my cock inside of her with such ease as she arches her back. She's so good to me. She's so good to my cock.

Without a word I flipped her over on the table. Put her legs above my shoulders and slid inside of her.

Without a word she latched onto my neck and I carried her into the bedroom. Slamming her down on my cock as I walked with her.

Without a word we continued. Only her moans and the slapping of skin broke the silence.

Without a word we came.

Without a word her pussy rested inside of my mouth as she kicked and convulsed to a stop.

Without a word my hot cum flowed down her face and into her mouth.

Without a word we lay together, our sweaty bodies holding onto each other.

Without a word, we said, "I love you."

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  1. Very sexy! You have a way with words...