Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Opening Presents

Only two posts since last Christmas. That really is shameful.

Lots of sex has been had—exciting, dirty, playful, and loving sex. How have we not written about any of it?

Last night, S came over to my house around 9:30pm. He had just finished working an 8 ½ hour shift (yes, on Christmas) and had to be back the next morning, so it really was sweet that he came over. His home is a good 20-40 minute drive from mine.

We opened presents, which were all very thoughtful and personal. Those are the best kind of gifts. S sat around listening to music on his new headphones (from me), and we just kind of basked in the holiday glow of the evening. Soon it was midnight, and S had to leave the next morning at 8am for another day of work. He was exhausted, and announced that he was going to bed.  If I took too long, he would be asleep.

S removed  his clothes and climbed into my bed. I disappeared into the bathroom for a minute or two, and when I emerged, all of the lights were out. I crawled onto the bed next to him and asked him to turn on the soft light by my bedside. He resisted, trying to kiss me in the dark, but I pulled away.

“Please,” I urged him. “Turn on the light. You wouldn't open a present in the dark, would you?”

He sighed and turned on the light. I was sitting there in my sweater from that day—black with a big white bow printed on it, and buttons all down the front. I had joked all evening that I looked like a gift, all wrapped up, but I don't think he suspected there was such truth behind my statement. My pants were gone, and he could see my red thong with two tiny black bows, and black lace in the back, right above my ass.

He leaned in and kissed me, fumbling with the buttons on my sweater. As they came undone, I wondered at exactly what point he would notice what was beneath it. One bow now removed, he was presented with another. I was wearing a delicate red bra covered in red ruffles. It has black lace trim along the top of the cups, and it fastens in the front with black satin ribbon, tied into a nice bow.  A tug of one edge of that slippery ribbon, and my breasts would be exposed.

“See?” I asked, coyly. “I'm a present.”

He smirked and sat back to look at me. Without a word, he grabbed his phone, and I knew exactly what he was doing.  He snapped a picture of me sitting there, waiting for him to do with me as he pleased.

He put his phone down and squinted his eyes at me like he was trying to collect a memory. “Is this new?” he asked. “Yes,” I said, with a smile. He leaned over me and reached his arms beneath me, laying me down on my back as he went in for a deep kiss.

“God, you look good,” he said as he spun me around and pulled me until my head was hanging off the edge of the bed, chin pointed to the sky. He immediately slid his hard cock into my mouth. Without missing a beat, I angled my head just so, so he could easily fuck my throat, stroke after stroke. There's a tenderness in his roughness, and I love it.

He slid out of my mouth, and sat me up on the bed, so my back was to him. He climbed on the bed behind me and pushed me down so my chest was buried in the bed, my ass in the air. He pulled my underwear down just enough to gain access, but not enough to give me mobility. He leaned down and licked my pussy, but not enough to give me any great pleasure—just enough to make sure my entrance was wet enough for him to force his way in.

To be continued...

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  1. Merry Christmas! Yay, so glad to see you back!! Looking forward to reading more...