Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A month of no sex and no S

Moving farther and farther away from being “a teenage couple.” S turns 21 very soon, and my 20th birthday will arrive early next year. What a strange feeling.

It's a very fortunate opportunity, though a little sad, that S's work will be taking him to another state for the next month. He'll be gone for his birthday. He leaves very soon and will be spending his last night in town with me.

Therein lies a great dilemma – he must depart at 5am in the morning. I should encourage him to get as much rest as possible before embarking on such a journey, but how can I resist tearing him to pieces all night long when it's my last chance before 4 weeks of no sex and no S?

I think my body knows I'll be deprived of him for a while. The past few days, the sex has been so amazing. He's always out-of-this-world, but my body responds differently at different times, and my body just can't seem to get enough. After a couple orgasms – even after the first – it tends to get progressively harder to work each one out of me. Since the start of the weekend, however, each orgasm is so explosive but never seems to be enough. Each time I come, I feel like it's pouring out of me, and my brain and the world feel like they're on pause for a moment, and my head is so clear... and then I'm consumed again, and all I can think about is how soon I'm going to come.

My pussy can't seem to get enough of S. I usually take a little working up for him to enter me comfortably – but I swear, no matter what's going on lately, he can bend me over and I'm already slick for his sweet cock to ram into me. I've been surprising myself.

Upside of all this: I expect to receive lots of delicious naked/nearly-naked pictures over the next few weeks, so hopefully I'll be sharing a few here...

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  1. Sometimes it is exactly this kind of creative challenge that makes a relationship even stronger and the sex even hotter... good luck. hoping to hear more of your adventures soon!