Thursday, July 29, 2010

It's almost like he was never here at all.

Are you ever so bombarded by beautiful images that you can't focus on just one to write about?

There was some lack of communication.  He didn't get my message that I was rushing from work over to yoga class, he didn't tell me that his late-night meeting was canceled, and as a result, he got to my house over an hour before I did, unbeknownst to me.  It was nearly 10:30pm when I got back and could let him inside.  This is when I found out that he had work at 6:30am the next morning.  He'd have to be up at 5:30am to leave.  So much for our night together.

I took off my makeup and he took off his pants, we chatted, I tried to hide my disappointment.  I knew he was barely going to get any sleep as it was.  I wasn't going to try anything.

We crawled in bed at 11:04pm.  I can't remember the last time I went to bed that early.  We kissed goodnight and rolled our separate ways.

There was a faint glow cast across his body from the moonlight shining through the sheer layers of my curtains.  He was lying on his side, his back towards me, and his skin was highlighted so beautifully.  I could see the sheet draping over his ass, the definition of his muscles in his shoulder, and back, and arm.  I was transfixed, and watched him silently for longer than I care to admit.

I stretched my hand out very deliberately across the bed, as though I was just changing my sleeping position, and stopped when I felt my fingers brush against his ass.  Only the thin fabric of his underwear was separating me from his skin.  I wanted so badly to grab his ass.  He probably doesn't have any idea that that was even going through my mind.  I was trying to somehow, subtly wrangle him into my arms.  I knew he'd stop me if I did anything too forthright.  And I also knew that he needed his sleep.  I was very torn.  I kept thinking, "I care about him, and I care about him getting enough rest and doing well at work tomorrow, so it would be very selfish of me to try to seduce him now."  I can't tell you how many times I inched my hand up to his ass only to quickly retract it, hoping I'd be able to fall asleep without disturbing him.

Suddenly, he rolled over to face me.  I kept watching him, trying to tell in the darkness if his eyes were open or not.  "I can't sleep," he said.  I was silent for a few moments.

"Is it something I'm doing?" I asked.  I was a little nervous that he was going to tell me to stop with the games.

"You're not doing anything," he said.  Funny, because I felt like I was doing so much.  "Unless you were staring at me and I could feel you watching through the back of my head," he joked.  I was churning inside.  I wanted him so badly.

"I only opened my eyes because you rolled over," I said.  I think he believed me.

He closed his eyes again, this time facing me, and I wrapped my arm around him, running my fingers from the nape of his neck up his scalp.  He loves when I do this.  I repeated the motion once, twice, three times...

"Z..." he started, a bit of a tone in his voice.

"I know, I know you have to sleep," I said, rolling over.  "I'm restraining myself.  You don't have to reprimand me."

There was a moment of silence.  I felt like I could hear him thinking.

"What do you mean, you're restraining yourself?"

"I mean," I responded, "you're lying next to me very nearly-naked and I'm trying very hard not to touch you."

More silence.  More thinking.

"What do you want, Z?"


"No, I'm really asking.  What do you want?"

I paused.  "I want to touch you."  I really did.  I wanted nothing more than to run my hands all over him, wrap him up in my arms, squeeze him and feel him, his skin, his flesh...  Ughh...

"What do you mean, touch me?"

I was feeling sheepish.  "I want to play with you."

"That sounds very nice, Z, but unless you have plans of making me come quickly and awesomely (his exact words), I can't play with you tonight."

A few more moments passed (it felt like he was waiting to see if I'd make a move) and he turned so his back was facing me once again.

I was thinking.  I was weighing my options.  I was wondering if he'd blame me for lack of sleep the next day.  But he had given me the green light.  Sort of.

I reached out and wrapped my hand around his hip, tugging at him.  "Roll back over."

I urged him onto his back and leaned in to kiss him, my hand wandering beneath the sheets.  I gave him a deep kiss.  It's so good kissing that boy.  Then I pulled away, ripping the sheet from his body and tugging his underwear down.  I moved down so my face was hovering directly above his cock.  It was visibly hard for me.  I could smell his warm skin, I could practically taste him already.

I looked up at him.  "Don't say things you don't mean."

I ran my lips, parted slightly, up and down the length of his cock, letting my breath tease him.  "If you want me to stop, just say so.  I'll respect that."

I kept my eyes locked with his.  He just stared right back, not saying a word.  I looked down and took his cock in my mouth.  He gasped.  I slowly slid my mouth down his cock, savoring the feeling of his smooth skin, his hard flesh.  I began gaining speed, grinding my face into his crotch, taking him into my throat, and sliding back up again.  I love the feeling of opening my throat up, relaxing it, and just letting him fuck it.  I love seeing how many times I can thrust him down into my throat in a row before I start gagging on his hard cock.

The slurping sounds were getting louder.  I wrapped my thumb and index finger around the base of his cock and started moving them in time with my mouth.  I twisted my hand around as I went, each time rewarded by a small gasp from his mouth.  I let him out of my mouth and continued working him with my hand, a steady rhythm.  He reached out and yanked my shirt down, exposing my breasts.  He was struggling to get at them, trying to pinch my nipples.  I moved next to his body and lowered my left breast to his mouth while I continued jacking him off.  He eagerly latched on and started sucking and biting on my nipple, whimpering, his cock growing even harder in my hand.

I pulled away from his mouth and moved down his body.  I shoved his legs together and straddled his thighs.  I folded in half over his body and squeezed my breasts together around his cock, sliding up and down, fucking him with them to the best of my ability.

He reached for me, told me to "Come here."  I resumed jacking him off with my hand and leaned in, kissing him.  His hand started frantically feeling for my ass.  I brought it around to the side so he could reach it better, and he quickly shoved my underwear aside, slipping two fingers into my pussy.

We continued like this for a while--me jacking him off with my hand, him alternately slipping his fingers into my pussy, fingering me, and pulling them out to rub my clit.  I tightened my grip on his cock, sliding my hand down slowly, deliberately, and then going faster, and faster, faster than I think I ever had before.  His eyes rolled back in his head and he mouthed, "Oh.  My.  God."  I slowed down again for a few strokes, then sped up again, working his cock furiously... slow, then fast...

He used his hands to urge me up so I was sitting on his stomach.  I knew what he wanted.  I pushed my underwear to the side, and we both slid his cock into me as fast as we could.

I groaned.

I fucked him fast.  There was no build-up period--we both wanted this so badly.  I brought my ass up, slamming it back down on his body, over and over and over again.  "I love you," he said.  "I love you, too, baby," I panted.

I folded in half, my face buried in his neck, my arms wrapped around him, legs working to bring my ass down on him, faster and faster, and harder and harder.  "I'm close," he breathed in my ear.  I kept fucking him.  "I'm close.  I'm close," he said. He knew how I wanted him to come.

I slid off of him and quickly wrapped both my hand and mouth around his throbbing cock, pumping him into the back of my throat.  After a few seconds, I could feel his hot cum shooting into my mouth, onto my tongue.  I moaned, and so did he, and I kept going, eventually slowing a little, being a little gentler, as his orgasm kept going, and going.  Finally he placed his hand on my head, urging me to stop.  I slid my mouth to the tip of his cock, and let it slip out, resting on his stomach.  I swallowed.

He was panting.  Exhausted.

Once again, I give you his exact words.  "Now that... was an orgasm."

The next morning, the alarm woke us both when it was still dark out.  He wrapped his arms around me and kissed me, running his hands over my bare body.  He got up, got dressed and gathered his things.  He told me I didn't have to get up, but I wanted to.  I wanted to press myself against him.  I crawled over to the edge of the bed and spread my arms wide, wanting a hug.  He squeezed me tight.

"Leaving a naked girl in bed and slipping out while it's still dark out is not my perfect start to a day," he joked.  I smiled.  He kissed me and told me he loves me.  I followed him to the door, naked and chilly, and gave him one last kiss and "I love you" before locking the door behind him and crawling back under my covers.

There's a space in my bed where he was.  I can still smell his cologne and the scent of his body on his pillow and the sheets, and each time I catch a whiff, a smile creeps onto my face.  It's almost like he was never here at all.  Almost.


  1. That was... beautiful! Thank you for sharing. As usual, very sexy and very well written!

  2. I *love* this. So well written and I have had nights just like this. Somehow the sex is so amazing during times when you want it but think it can't happen. You've captured such a moment here, so beautifully.